Homecoming: A Vietnam Veterans Journey - DVD

$ 20.00

The New york Times called it: 

"Surpassingly worthy and touching film."

Experience the healing...

Homecoming follows a group of over 300 Vietnam veterans on the "Run for the Wall," a ten-day cross country motorcycle journey from Ontario, California across the United States of America to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Join five of these courageous men on a journey across America and through their own lives. A Journey that leads them to their emotional, physical and spiritual homecoming.

Thank You,

I went to the wall, I didn't cry, I didn't seem to feel a thing. Maybe a little sad?

I didn't cry when Mom or Dad died.

I didn't cry when I lost wives and Kids.

I cried when I watched, Hell I guess I thought I was the lone ranger or something ?

Anyway, thanks, you helped more than anything I have been thru to date.

Ironic, I never thought anyone else felt the same way, or the same things.

-Viet Nam Vet after viewing “Homecoming”